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      I’m want to do this effect with digital video (miniDV). With the old video-camera’s, when you shut them down, you always had a couple of frames that were overexposed creating a really nice effect. It kinda looks like if your film burns…

      If you know Jack Johnson’s surffilms you’ll probably know what i’m talking about, he used it all the time (tho he shot on film).

      I’d like to know how I could create this effect using FCP (or any other NLE)…

      thnx a lot…

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      You’d get something like this:

      So you start of with the regular picture, and then the picture is overexposed more and more..

      I figured I needed to post some sort of pic to make it more clear what I was trying to say, since no one replied. Does someone know what I mean now and how I would be able to create this effect?

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      Try boosting the highlight level value way up. You should be able to animate this effect using keyframes also. In addition, try boosting the saturation value up.

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      I found a nice tutorial myself.. Don’t know if anyone’s unterested.

      Here’s the tut (you need a free adobe-ID tho..):

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