Camera advise for a new documentarian

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      Hello fellow videomakers,

      I’ve been a fan of this community for a couple of years now, but just now I’m beginning to actively participate in the daily interaction with all of you great minds. And I need your help! I’ve been doing some research on purchasing a digital camcorder but I feel like the more options I have the more lost I feel!

      There is one thing I know for sure, though, the sound recording quality must be as best as possible and that has been one of the components I’ve paid close attention to when I’ve been looking for a camera. And on that note, there is an event that I’m planning on following and recording that takes place at night, outdoors with limited lighting!So here comes my problem … what kind of camera is suitable for my “modest” desires!

      I’m looking at a price range up to $500…but if I score from the lottery these days I won’t mind an upgrade.

      Thank you in advance for your kind suggestions

      Happy filmmaking!


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