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      I’m planning to start a business of shooting sporting events – specifically triathlons, gymnastics, and rodeos. I’ve been doing a ton of reading on cameras and it’s time to start asking questions. I am looking at prosumer models and would like to be in the $1,500 range if possible. I am flexible on all points if necessary.

      I’m leaning toward Flash Memory or HDD. I’m reading that it is more durable than MiniDV or DVD.

      Low light performance is a factor when it comes to gymnastics. Some venues have horrible lighting and I would not be able to use a light source when recording. Some indoor rodeoarenas are equally poorly lit.

      HD v SD. Not sure about this one. Seems like SD would work for my purposes, but if I can get what I want with HD at a doable price I’ll take it.

      I’m hoping to do this as a side business. Therefore, I’m not going all out on the budget, but want a ‘professional’ quality to the work I would be doing.

      Initially, I had tried to narrow down my camera search to a few, but I don’t want to list them here for fear of getting feedback on those alone. I’m open to all suggestions and want to know which ones would fit my needs the best.

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      thanks this was helpful

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