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      Are there any camcorders that have stop motion capabilities. I would like to set up the camera and say take one frame/second or some other adjustable amount. This would be unattended.
      Thank you

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      I think that those Panasonic camcorders which record to P2 cards are capable of stop motion. The least expensive P2 camcorder would be the Panasonic HVX200, which has a street price of about $5200.

      I just checked the HVX200 brouchure, and it says:
      Interval rec: Recording one frame at a time at set intervals (from 2
      frames to 10 min), this mode is useful for monitoring and special
      ultra-undercranking effects.

      It would be very difficult to design a stop-motion camcorder which records to tape. But a camcorder which records to a card has no moving parts, so recording a frame at a time is no big deal. I’ve heard that some recent consumer camcorders can record to some type of memory card. Maybe some of those can do the stop-motion trick.

      Ken Hull

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      There is a neat software tool that does the job. It it is They have an application that may be used mostly for making claymation type cartoons. But, one of the features can be used to make live stop motion movies. You set time increment, connect your camcorder to the PC with a firewire cable, and press start. You remove any tape cartridge, and power your PC and camcorder with AC supply. The application will then record a frame at the time increment you set, say 1/5seconds or whatever. You set the time to stop or just let it go. At the end you can then build an AVI file and then export it to the editor application to build a DVD or whatever. Seems like a neat package.javascript:emoticon(‘:)’)

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