Camcorder with long recording time (high compression)?

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      Our Compliance Department wants us to record all of our training events. Each event is 3 sessions 8 hours each and we want to record the whole thing. We have 45 trainings every week and we want to be able to store all of the recordings on our network. The network attached storage we have all figured out. What we are having a problem with is how do we get 24 hours of recording off of 45 cameras on a weekly basis. We dont need HD or any kind of hi def recording. We just need to be able to here and see what is going on in the room.

      Our first thought is the cameras with 30GB HD, they can store up to 37 hours. The problem with that is the time it takes to get the data off of 45 cameras over a USB cable. We are thinking that some sort of optical or removeable media would be better. That way the trainer can just drop off a DVD, BD, or Flash Disk. The problem we see with those so far is recording capacity.

      So this is where I need you guys πŸ™‚

      Are there any cameras out that thathave removeable media thatrecord in an ultra low res,.. so we can squeeze at least 8 hrs of recording out of oneform of media?Or a camera that has SCSI or some sort of high, HIGHspeed data transfer to a PC?

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      Some of my ideas.

      I have a hard drive camera, it copies very fast. These are all best guesses but In high quality mode I would say it copies 5 minutes of video in 20 seconds, so 1 hour would = 4 minutes, 8 hours = 32 minutes copy time. At the lowest (30 hour) quality mode it would copy faster, maybe 2-3 times as fast, so 1 hours maybe 2-3 minutes, 8 hours= 20 minutes. Some hard drive cameras do also take media cards, but I can only get 30-40 minutes on a 1gb card on lowest quality, so even an 8gb card would not work.

      That seem workable, you could do 3-4 8 hour sessions before needing to download to the computer. Just run it off an ac adapter and you can do 30+ hours non stop.

      The problem with little dvds is there about an hour, so you would need 24 for each session, then you would have the minute lost when you have to change disks. And you would be spending 75$ per 8 hours on disks. But you could just save the disks and you wouldnt need massive storage.

      If you had an mpeg4 recorder you might be able to record record 8 hours or more on a 8gb card, depending on the bitrate it records at, Ive never tried one, my digital camera will record over an hour on a 2gb card at 640x480x30fps, with a bitrate of about 2500. That about double what it needs, but it can not compresses it as fast as a good computer, so it uses larger file sizes to keep quality. A mpeg4 camera may be able to compress it better and use a lower bitrate than a digital camera.

      One option, record right to a laptop or other computer, that will work with about any usb or firewire camera. Capture to mpeg4 with a bitrate of about 1500 will give a good quality 640×480 picture and you will get about 1 1/2 hours per GB of disk space and have better picture quality then a hard drive camera on low quality. If you had a 80gb drive and had 70gb free you could record about 78 hours to it before needing to copy it.

      You say you have 45 cameras with 24 hours, that each? like 1080 hours a week of video to store? Using my own guessed figures, it would take 6 hours to copy 1080 hours of video from a hard drive camera, not counting the time of hooking up each camera, so over a day. But say if 30gb is 30 hours at low quality, you are looking at a TB a week of storage, even if it was later compressed by half, your still looking 2TB per month of storage. 1080 hours a week will need alot of space no matter what compression, your NAS better be expandable.

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