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      I am making video tutorialsthat I want to do in standard definition.I am looking for good image quality and I would like a camcorder with good manual controls without having to button poke my way through menus. Good manual focus is important to me and I want real manual exposure not just apeature / shutter priority. I was given a JVC GR HD1U but the SD video quality is worse than my consumer grade Casio camcorder and the JVC does not have real manual exposure. And I only want to spend up to 2K. Thanks in advance for your help. Scott

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      It has been said many, many times, but for some apparent reason people come here and without even trying to search the countless archives, even the most recent 10 or 20 posts regarding this subject, and ask again. I understand it is easier just to post and hope that enough people here will be kind and patient enough to respond, and respond, again and again.

      Please, PLEASE take advantage of the MANY threads here regarding similar questions/posts, do some research – there are a gadzillion resources on the web to visit and read – and visit your local or area electronics stores.

      A good/GREAT standard definition camcorder using MiniDV tape and with 3-chips, GREAT manual control, decent soiund and fantastic lens, as well as optical stabilization that is world renown is the Canon GL2.

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      I agree. GL2 is a great camera. Or you should be able to find a used Sony PD170 for under 2K…I’d say that’s better than the GL2. Both are really good though.

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      Thanks. I did read many favorable posts about the GL2, also the PMA show was only about 3 weeks ago and I was not sure if anything new was available.

      After being dissapointed with my GR-HD1U with it’s almost fully manual controls (and even reading reviews that said it had good manual controls). I probably should of asked if the manual controls on the GL2 let you completely adjust apeature / shutter speed / gain to any desired value completely independent of each other. I do some shooting on a bright light table and the normal rangeof exposure overridesdoes not give me enough range andbesides that, Isometimes alsowant to shootthe light table stuff wide open for shallow depth-of-field.I have been a still photographer for many years where good optical focusing and fully manual exposure control is the norm. I have not been very impressed with the focus on any video camera I have tried. Thanks again, Scott

Viewing 3 reply threads
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