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      Hi there. I have two video capture devices an old JVC hard disc Everio and a Canon powershot S90.

      The camcorder is “better” except i rarely take it with me, it’s low-def, and the batteries are shot, and the Canon is a camera with HD video along for the ride…

      I use a Netgear NeoTV 550 streamer for playing all my movies, and also my home videos.

      All i want to do is take them from camera and put them on the TV.

      The JVC was annoying, as it created these .MOD files. which played on computers, however not elsewhere. i used to spend hours converting and dealing with them, losing quality in the process, until I found out that renaming them simply to mpg in batches made them work “everywhere” (that i tried) and with no loss of quality. given this takes about 2 seconds to do, it was a welcome relief.

      Now I am using the Canon more, and i get .mov files out of it… well i tried the same thing and nothing works, the streamer will not have them. The streamer supports AVCHD and MKV etc… although i am not an expert on the difference between containers and formats etc…

      So, it seems from other advice, that I have to “remake” them. I have AVS which i used to make DVDs of wedding and stuff, so i tried that, and found that i can remake them to avi files.

      It “appears” that there is no loss of quality, however there are quite a few drawbacks

      • It takes a lot of time…
      • I am converting format? to avi?
      • the audio is going from 48,000 to 44,000
      • I lose all the meta data

      The last is perhaps the most annoying. the date and location taken is gone.

      I have to go through each file after and edit all its meta data.

      so my questions in order of niceness of solution would be:

      • Is there some better way to just rename or something, like the JVC?
      • Is there a different better way to remake to avoid losing meta/ quality?
      • Is there a way in AVS to preserve meta data?
      • something else completely?

      Thanks very much in advance!


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