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    This is probably a a foolish question but, I am looking to do some videos in a semi professional way Quality Wise, but I am not looking to spend a great deal of money! can someone recommend a camcorder to start out with.

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    You can get some very good cameras for reasonable prices. Panasonic has three chip models in the sub $1000 range. You can find HD options aplenty in the sub $1000 range as well (I shoot with a Sony HDR-SR11, which records in 1080i to a 60GB hard drive using a single 1/3″ chip – not made any more but the equivalent would be the HDR-XR500V which goes for about $1200).

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    Read the reviews at

    There are lots of options to consider – too many for a short reply.

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    LagunaBlue – my recommendation is for you to check into is the Canon Vixia HF S100. You can find the review at and compare to other camcorders as butterflyguy stated. I paid $985.00 for this camcorder locally and wanted to get the most camera I could for under $1,000.

    The Canon HF S100 will allow for either fully automatic shooting orit can be used withitsmanual controls. As you gain some experience,you will like theauto gain control limits, two levels of zebra striping, three color varieties of peaking, color bars anda custom control dial forprecise manual focus. Canon also has a range of accessories for the Mini Advanced accessory shoe to expand its functionality, microphone/headphone jacks, a wireless controller and very good still photography performance. The negative for some is this camcorder does not havea viewfinder, but the screen is excellent. The only time this is a problem is in very bright sunlight. I’m in real estate and use it for my business and have really enjoyed it. You can learn to use this camcorder quickly. The HF S100 usesSDHC memory cards as there is no hard drive or other internal memory on this model (this means there are no moving parts in the recorder unit of this camcorder). The HF S10 (about $350.00 more expensive) has 32 gb built-in and you can add a removable memory card to it.This is a robust camera for the money in my opinion and works well for me.

    Hope this helps you. CMR

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    A refurb Canon HV20 that shoots HDV with a nice audio setup found on higher end cams is available for $420…it’s the biggest bang for the buck…you could even consider the new HV40, too, but at higher cost of course

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