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      Hello all,Could some one please tell me if they have and have used or heard about the”Smith Victor CS-1 Camcorder Stabilizer?I have a Canon XH-A1s.I am a female and even though I try to hold my elbows against my body,my shots are shakey and the camcorder gets heavy.I do’nt have 3 or 4 or more hundreds of dollars to spend on a camcorder support system and thought that this sholder support would help me to hold the camcorder steady and take off some of the weight.Thank you.

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      It’s top notch, as shoulder setting set ups go but you can make one for a fraction of that price just by grabbing some stuff from your local hardware store (or perhaps your garage). You just want to rest the camera on your shoulder. That’s just a bar mounted to the camera. Do it right and you can fold it up and keep it on their anytime not on sticks. Think erector set with a foam pad.

      This one does look cool. That should be noted as my “erector set” get ups get laughed at in many arenas. lol Heck, I have a wireless lav monkey rigged to the camera and an LED light rubber banded onto it so it’s lookin’ pretty comical these daze.

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      One of our members on this forum has an inexpensively priced unit here: – For $60 it may be just what you need.

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      Linda, Take a monopod and add a small ballhead. Screw the camcorder on the ballhead and adjust so the monopod is nearly parallel to the camcorder bottom leaving just enough space between the monopod handle and the bottom of the camcorder for your hand. Leave the monopod in the unextended configuration. Hold this rig with your left hand on the monopod handle and the monopod on your right shoulder. A small tripod with the legs extended, but not spread and pressed against the right shoulder also works well, particularly for smaller camcorders. This gives stability because the left hand holding the camcorder forms a triangle between the monopod or tripod and the right shoulder. When I use a tripod I hold the extended legs together with a rubber foot and press this against my right shoulder. People often comment on how stable my hand held shots are. Of course the monopod or tripod come in handy for their usual purposes when needed.


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