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      Hello to all. Does anyone know of any other great camcorder review sites besides camcorderinfo and dvspot. It seems to me that camcorderinfo posts alot of error filled reviews. If you’ll read closely, you’ll see that it appears that they have copied and pasted parts of other reviews from the same manufacturer. A review may be on a Panasonic GS-250 but in the review they refer to the GS-150 as the cam being reviewed a few times. What’s up with that. I understand mistakes do happen, but constant mistakes are made on this website. I appreciate their time and effort they put into the website…but I have lost confidence in their reviews due to the many, many mistakes. If they are to be able to posts reviews then they should get it right. Alot of people rely on this site for information (I do too) so they should take the responsibility to get things right the first time or shut the site down! Agree?

      Anyway, I appreciate the time and would like to know of any other sites.

      Take care

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      Re camcorderinfo: Yikes, you appreciate their time and effort, but they should shut that thang down.
      I haven’t read their reviews of late. But I look regularly at their forums. The real nitty gritty (good bad ugly with solid technical discussions about pro’s AND con’s of competing cams) is in the forums. I think this is where you can pick up some useful info from time to time. I have.
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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