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      Final Cut Express 3.5 does not recognize my HDR-S11/S12 camcorder. I’ve looked at FCE’s website as well as Sony’s and the Mac forum and can’t get info that has helped resolve the problem. I suspect that I may have to upgrade to FCE 4.0 but don’t want to spent $99 without knowing for sure if that is where the problem lies. Thanks in advance for helping

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      I don’t know Express, but I do use Final Cut Studio from which it is derived. In there, even if a camera model cannot be controled via FireWire, if it is sending a signal out, the signal if it plays can be captured by hand by using Capture Now, instead of controlled digitizing.

      Is the signal not getting into your computer at all, or are you simply unable to control the digitizing process? Can you somehow, USB or FireWire or whatever, get the signal through to your software and manually record?

      Also, I think Birdcat uses an SR11, but I don’t remember if he is a Vegas user or even cross platform or knows about a FCE/SR11 issue.

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      Make sure the camera is plugged into an electrial outlet and you are not using just a battery.


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