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      Hello guys ! I really need some help in picking a camera to start shooting videos. I want to do a combination of sketches + a bit of vlogging , that will be the format of the “show”. I was thinking of buying a JVC HM30/Samsung Q10/Canon HFR205 or even a SonySX45E , but when i went to the shop the salesman told me that camcorders are crap and i should try a cheaper alternative, a Canon PowerShot A3300 to shoot videos. I have about 230$ budget to buy a camera. Can anyone give me some info, which is better for shooting videos ? Should i go for the PowerShot A3300 like the salesman advised me, or should i pick one of the camcorders that i listed above?(btw if anyone has one of them , please do tell, i really need to make a decision so i can start working on some projects). Thanks!

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      The salesman told you what he wanted you to buy – not what is best for you. You don’t have a lot of budget so make a list of the things that are essential features – like what it records onto, viewfinder type, zoom range, facility to turn off auto features – that kind of things – but most importantly, how easy is it to use and what quality of pictures does it have? digital stills cameras that can take video, or video cameras that can take a few stills?

      Build up a list of the types of things you’ll wish to record – then compare them to the specs. If you want to shoot yourself, can the viewfinder flip round so you can see your own image? If it can’t it’s not a lot of use to you. Does it offer the chance to plug in a better mic? Can you edit the video on your computer using the free software it has? This means checking what file format the camera produces and if your computer can read it. Some use file formats that need to be changed before you can use them – and that takes extra time and faffing about!

      My own view is that stills cameras were designed to take still pics, and maybe the occasional video – but they’re less easy to work and people generate complex workarounds to make them do the job. Many video cameras can take still pictures – but again, few people actually use them for this.

      Use Google to read reviews of the ones on your short-list, and if stuck ask questions on the forum. The salesman sounds like one of the box shifters to me who just needs to sell certain items that have good commission. Avoid people like this like the plague.


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      The thing is that i’ve been reading reviews and watching test videos for over month or so, for each and everyone .. And i was certain that i was going to go to the store and come out of it with a camcorder.But after the discussion i had with the salesman, it got me thinking again and i started questioning my picks. I want it primarily to SHOOT videos, not so much pictures, 720p HD quality is enough for me, since my PC is not that great. I will be shooting sketches, short movies, but i don’t think i’m going to be very far from the subject so i don;t think i would need an exaggerated optical zoom. I will be shooting a lot of indoor footage i think, but i will have a 3 point lightning.I guess for the 1 on 1 talk, it would be useful to have a viewfinder to flip round so i can see my own image. As for the mic/headphone plugs, i doubt i will find a camera that offers that in this price range(i’m pretty sure about it). The software won’t be a problem, i already have PowerDirector. But because i never owned a camera before(neither a camcorder or a digital one) it’s hard for me to tell what would be the best pick for me.</span>

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      So here it is..i kinda made a final list with three picks: i can go with the Samsung HMX-Q10 priced at 230$, JVC GZ-HM435 priced at 240$*it’s on sale, or go with the Canon A3300 priced at 130$(i don’t know how i feel about buying a more expensive digital camera though). What brand should i pick between those two camcorders ? Which is more reliable JVC or Samsung, and if anyone got to use any of them, please share your experience.

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