Camcorder Options for Streaming Video?

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      Hello all. I hope this is posted in the right area.

      I’m looking for some feedback regarding a camcorder that I will use for indoor shooting of a music performance that will eventually be streamed online. I want to shoot HD at 60p and was looking for a camcorder that would record decent 720p HD since that’s probably the end resolution that I will try to stream.

      I was originally looking at the Samsung HMX-H200 vs the Sony HDR-CX110. The Samsung records in typical mp4 (H.264) format whereas the Sony records in AVCHD. The Sony records in 1080i, but I didn’t really want to deal with interlaced video, so I opted for the Samsung so I could record full 720p 60fps. However, these are both last year’s models and this year Samsung has similar specs with the HMX-H300, but Sony threw me a curve ball with the HDR-CX130, which now shoots full 1080p video at 60fps. In my tests with the Samsung HMX-H200, in low light settings I saw more noise with 720 vs 1080, but in very well lit scenes, I couldn’t tell much of a difference on my 21.5 inch monitor between 720 and 1080. That said, for my music performance shoot I will have plenty of light, so my question is should I just stick with the Samsung and record 720p 60fps if 720p is my target resolution for streaming this video on the web anyway? Or should I get the newer Sony and record at full 1080p and convert it to 720p in post? I’ve heard if you record higher quality from the beginning, your results will be better, even if converting to a lower resolution. Also, I’ve read that the bit rate that AVCHD records at is higher and therefore yields higher quality. But will this higher quality codec and higher resolution even be noticed when compared to 720p footage?

      Anyway, I’m at a point where I need to make a decision. I’m weighing the practicality of the Samsung with the possibility of added quality of the Sony at the higher resolution. I just don’t know if I’ll see that quality if I’m compressing my video for web streaming anyway. Any help would be appreciated, and if you have other camcorder ideas, feel free to mention those as well. Sorry for the book, kind of a simple yet loaded question. Thanks in advance!


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