Camcorder on 3k budget (Specific uses)

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      Okay, I posted a few months back but it looks like i’m getting a bigger budget than expected, I should have around 3k.

      The camera will be used for my church (promotional vids, taping of service, etc). A lot of footage will be shot in ‘low-light’,(I guess because that looks more reverent, lol). HD is NOT a requirement, but I do understand the idea of looking into the future, but for now the most powerful computer we have to edit on is running a single P4.

      With that in mind I’ve narrowed it down to 3 cameras:


      Sony FX1000

      Canon XH-A1

      In the past I have used Canon XL 1’s and have been disappointed (maybe it was the ones’ I was using) because there was quite a disparity between what you see and what you get (grain-wise). Also they performed pretty lousy in low light.

      I have used the Sony VX2100’s as well and was very happy with the low-light images.

      I have NEVER used a Panasonic, but hear great things about them…soooo, should I give Canon another chance? stick with Sony? or just go for a robust SD (DVX100B)?

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      Personally, I’d go with the Canon XHA1 that provides the better low light performance, having the 3000 lux and 60 lux image basically equivalent. If you’ve got your aim set on low light performance, the HDR-FX1000 will do fine in a pinch, but won’t bowl you over. Go with the DVX1000 instead of the XH-A1 if you’re a bit skepticle (like I am) of the 30F and 24F “progressive” formats.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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