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      Hello, me and some of my friends, want to try out making our own small movies.

      Our budget is 1800USD or 1350EUR.

      Isnt much but all we got.

      We want to make small movies in 720p (1280×720) if possible for that money.

      I’ been seaching for a long time but i do know know what im looking for so its hard for me to find something thats good enough for me.

      So i hope you guys can help me out. Thanks!

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      What do you already have?

      Obviously you have a computer but what type and speed/RAM, etc…(meaning is it powerful enough to edit video)?

      Do you have any software? If you are using a newer PC, you should have Windows Movie Maker, which is enough to get you started.

      I started on a budget (although not HD at the time) and was able to get an inexpensive consumer video camera (about $400 at the time), inexpensive non-linear editor (NLE) which has evolved into Sony Vegas Movie Studio ($70 at the time), a WalMart tripod (about $30) and a few little goodies to help (royalty free assets – like animated backgrounds, music, etc…).

      You could easily do the same today with your budget (unless you need a new computer, then you’re hitting up against the high end of your budget – not impossible, just a bit more work.

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      I have a acer computer,

      4gb ram

      a powerfull graphic card. nvidia geforce 9800 1,7gb ram or what its called

      its a hardcore gamer computer. I use After Effects, photoshop and Cinema 4d And sony vegas. So i think its powerfull.

      So any cameras that you can recommend for me? i want to make cool movies/tapes with 720p. or 1080i, but mostly 720p. ?

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      I like mySony HDR-CX12, for what it’s worth. You’re easily in the price range for it and might make some stuff easier being as you’re using Vegas.


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      This one pseudosafari?

      And, how good is the videos? Do you have any uploaded videos on youtube that i can see or anything?

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      That’s the one! I can say I’m pretty happy with it. It’s definitely HD–looks great on my 46″ HD TV. Id say it’s every bit as “HD” as the best TV and Blu Rays I watch. You need adequate lighting to make the HD really “pop.” Footage outside during the summer is top notch. It’s not great with fast moving pans (tends to blur a bit). Other than that, I have no complaints.

      Also, I can just take the card out and cut and paste the footage off the card onto my hard drive and it’s ready to edit. Can’t beat that!

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      Okay, cool

      But, i been thinking about those :


      The first has best quality, of what i’ve seen on youtube. But is it good for all that money?

      And how will i be able to edit things? Will it get on a card i can take into my computer? or how is it going to work?

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      I bet those cameras are far superior to mine (albeit bigger). One thing I dislike about Sony (mine anyway) that I failed to mention before is the lack of ability to add a mic. Not only is there no mic input, but you’re limited to Sony’s selection of mics which is minimal and they’re more designed foramateurs–okay for me, for now, but not much room to grow. Take that into account and make sure you’re happy with the add-ons you have access to through Sony–if it’s anything like mine, third party add-ons won’t work–mine only takes Sony. Check into that.

      As for transfering, I LOVE the fact that mine records straight to a Memory Stick Pro Duo, and I can take that out and put it in my computer, copy and paste it to its new home on the hard drive and there it stays, forever. No changing the format, decoding it, etc. Just cut and paste. Then edit in Pinnacle or Premiere Pro (I use both). You cannot beat that. Make sure the camera can do that if that’s important to you.

      I”m still not a pro editor, and thus my Youtube selection shows nothing in HD at this point, yet. Sorry I still have nothing to share on that front. Here’s someone else’s though, in 720p (it also shoots 1080i):

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      okay thanks

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