Camcorder for aerial videography

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      First time for me on this site folks…..Howdy……
      I am an aerial photographer and I have been approached to do some aerial video work. This is totally new to me. Can anyone recommend a good entry level camcorder that will give broadcast quality results? Do they manufacture a unit that has some sort of image stabilization?
      Any thoughts, advice, recommendations, etc. will be gratefully accepted.

      Dave Tunge
      Yankton, SD

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      “Entry Level” could mean alot of things but if you can give us an idea of your budget, we could probably give you some pointers. As far as stabilization, cameras can come with built in stabilization but for that kind of application, I don’t know how well those in camera ones will work. If you have a low budget you may try something like this:
      Never tried it but looks nifty. Since you do ariel stills, do you already have some sort of housing for outside the craft (I am curious since I have a good friend who flies all kinds of planes/aircraft and that would be fun to get some aerial shots!)?

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      Endeavor………Thanks for the response. This would be a hand-held operation shooting through an open door/window as I do my stills. I use IS lenses and do have a gyro stabilizer I use on occassions ( especially with the long lenses) and assume it would work with camcorders also. I’m basically curious as to what may or may not work the best using an aircraft as the shooting platform. I’d like to spend up to 2K maximum for a camcorder. The end result of this contract job would be for a TV ad.

      Hank…….Thank you for these tips……I’m researching as we speak.

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