Camcorder for a Sudent Filmmaker

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      hi guys, i want a camcorder that is under $500.

      im doing indie films and stuff.

      i’ve been thinking also what to get between the HDD cam or miniDV cam.

      think is the cam other sites in the internet are suggesting me.

      Canon zr500.


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      Personally, I’d go with the Canon HV20 if you aren’t too intimidated by a consumer camcorder with a slightly extra slew of manual controls. The original value of this HDV camcorder is in the $600-$1,000 range, but there’s a great deal online for around $450.

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      Ha ha ha ha ha! actuallyXTR-91 is right….at that price, a gently used HV20/30 would get you into the HDV realm on the cheap. Since HD is going to be the standard soon, this way you can get familiar with it. Remember you’ll possibly need to update your computer and/or editor to match your format

      PS – I saw some used HD cams going on eBay for as little as U$150…

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      i dont get about the upgrading with computer and software to match the format. but i use sony vegas with quad core. what should i still update?

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      With my experience, Sony Vegas Pro 9 is great at handling standard definition MPEG-2 content on my 1.66 GHz Dual Core. As far as the processor type goes, a quad-core is a great (if not your best) bet for editing MPEG-2 TS (transport stream), which is the HDV recording format. Considering that it’s HD, you may get some laggish. That’s one reason why I put off upgrading to HD with my current system. A quad processor should have twice as much power as a dual core, so it’s definitely worth a shot to try before upgrading.

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      I would go with a CANON HF S10 (H11 might not be worth the extra couple hundred), it has a great resolution and even some professional features. The best feature is that itshoots 24P the same frame rate used in film which is great if you are a film student. It records AVCHD to it’s solid state hard drive, it’s a great format this is future proof but requires a high end computer for editing, but if you are just concerned about shooting for now I’d get it as new computers will handle it.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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