Camcorder Firewire connection no longer works

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      I work with several schools that have been having problems capturing video via the Firewire connector on the camcorders. They use mostly Panasonic cameras like the GS-150 and 300. I tried one of their camcorders on my PC that I know works fine and the PC would not recognize the camcorder. I then took one of my camcorders which was recognized on my PC to some of the classroom PC’s and it worked OK. I used the same cable both times so I dont think that is the problem.

      I noticed that the connection on my camcorder was tight fitting, but on the school camcorders the Firewire connection was not as tight. My working theory is that the school camcorder Firewire connectors have lost their tight fit due to dozens of students inserting and removing cables for the last couple years. However, I have never heard of this happening before and could not find similar cases on the internet. So I thought Id post here to see if anyone has had this problem and more importantly, if you have any suggestions on how to fix it. Thanks!

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      1) Your hypothesis seems sound. Why not move ahead with it.

      2) Purchase 2 each firewires per school. (The best firewire I ever bought was from Markertek in NY; extremely flexible. Would buy more from them except, last time I checked, their net catalog is still not user friendly for a non-geek. Usually stock up for this sort of thing from B&H.)

      3) Try out the firewire on school equipment. (Test your hypothesis; aka, check it out just in case so no chance you will look like a you know what… )

      4) Make a tax deductible donation of the firewires to the school. Nothing informal; hand over to the right person and get a receipt.

      5) Follow through and send letter about this to Videomaker for publication.

      6) If in education field, write article about this and submit for publication in your trade magazines.

      7) You never know department: Maybe in 10 years, a kid you helped by doing this will be a wonderkind director and hire you as $100K consultant (i.e., "producer") for their blockbuster.

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Addendum to previous post. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m still sleepy eyed! I’ve reread your post, and now I see that you might be saying that it’s the connection in the cam, not to the cam on the firewire, that may be loose/broken/worn out. So maybe a bunch of cams need to be repaired?

      When cables are connected, unconnected, reconnected umteen times, these things happen. There won’t be a big discussion on the net about everything that wears out, because that would cover, well, everything. A diff sometimes between pro gear and consumer/prosumer is that (sometimes) the pro stuff can be connected unconnected a thousand times and be O.K., but the consumer stuff can have less staying power.

      You will still be a hero if you supply your schools with firewire. They will assume you are running for mayor if you replace all of the Panasonic’s!

      Don’t mind me and have a good day.

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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