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      Hi guys

      I’m a video journalist working in the UK. We currently use a palm-sized Panasonic SDR H40 (Hard disk camcorder, not HighDef) to produce our video news and features, and since it produces good pictures (3CCDs) and .mpg format video, it’s quite simple to work with. Since I produce video for the web in .flv format, there’s no point getting footage in High Def as it’s not for broadcast; it would only be heavily compressed into the .flv format anyway.

      The only problems with the camera are that

      a) there’s no jack for headphones or external mic

      b) outside, the audio is often rubbish, especially if there’s traffic around

      We’re now looking for a new camcorder, can you recommend one in the 350/$500 price range with an external mic jack?

      Or would you recommend trying a workaround with a digital voice recorder hooked up to an external mic?

      Any suggestions welcome

      If you want to have a look at the kind of news we produce go here:

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      I don’t remember the model numbers of the current offerings (probably different than US model numbers,anyway), but Canon now offers several moderately priced camcorders with 3.5mm stereo mic input and audio monitoring via the AV output jack with appropriate adapters. One decent mic is the Audio-Technica ATR-25, a stereo electret model which will feed both channels, available for less than $50 US. I recommend using a right-angle adapter with any 3.5mm mic connector plugged into a camcorder, asa cableor adapter sticking out ofthe jack is an accident waiting to happen. Also, a mono-to-stereo adapter between mic cable and right angle adapter will allow you to use a monaural mic, like a lavalier or interview handheld, sendingaudio to both channels,not just the left. If you use any mic with XLR or 1/4″ plug connector, use an adapting cable to step it down into the 3.5mm right angle connector.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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