Camcorder Canon XH A1 PRO

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If a camcorder Canon XHA1 PRO is purchased in US, will there will be any difficulties to use it in Europe?

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ummm.....i think you just have to make sure you record in PAL rather than NTSC, but it's not like there's something physically stopping you from shooting (well, unless your batteries die and you can't charge them because our wall plugs aren't the same as Europe).

I'd say think about where you are going to edit. If you're going there just to shoot and you're gonna come back the the US to edit on your system, then keep recording in the NTSC. If you're going to shoot there and give it to someone over there to edit, you'll have to record in PAL.

I'm not sure if your camera records NTSC and PAL though. Check the manual

Does that help?