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      Hi ive been scouting around the interent and some forums including this one..
      I’m deciding to start my eductation more hand-on and my main interest is making videos and editing them…
      I bought a Mac Book Pro top class for editing on the go using Final Cut…so on the editing base im ready to go…
      I also have decided that my first video project will be snowboarding…

      Now the problem…
      Im looking for a camera most likely being DV…iv had adivse thrown at me that a 3ccd is realy good for snowboarding videos…

      Ive come apon a Panasonic PV-GS500

      What interests me basically I need something small but great…i dont want a huge ass camera when im snowboarding and filming at the same time…I also want a camera with great video detail…so i can catch the detail of my freind going off a huge cliff jump from a distance (for those who have seen any snowboarding videos u know way im saying)

      My budget is around $800-1300 max 1500…I proably need some protection on the camera from snow and dmg maybe…tripod, fisheye etc…

      Ive also heard this battle bettween HD(Sony) and 3ccd(Panasonic)

      Thx for the help…

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      Guest is the best place to start looking at camcorder information. You might want to look at the following:
      Sony DCR-PC1000 –
      Sony DCR-HC1000 –
      JVC GR-X5

Viewing 1 reply thread
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