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      I am doing some research regarding purchasing a new Camcorder

      I am looking at the following models:

      Panasonic HDC-SD60
      Sony CX150
      Canon Legria HFR-28

      I found some reviews for the Panasonic and the Sony and most reviews favour the Panasonic so far. I am struggling to find anything on the Canon though. Maybe it’s too new?

      I would really appreciate some assistance here to decide which of the 3 to purchase

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      One thing I can tell you is to make sure that you are able to contro the aparature and frame rate. If you use anything that does not allow the control of the aparature and you may wiind up with unusable footage; clouds can play havoc on automatic settings.

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      I would have need for advice maybe it’s the right topic for this

      After many years I want to swotch from photography to video shooting andlooking for a camera to buy in the range of XH-A1, hvx, sony fx… I can find many comparison but my field would be sport video making – object moving quickly , distance can be higher etc.

      Could you please advice what are the main parameters at camera choice to look if my priority is sport

      thanks in advance

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      I’m learning videography. Have an old analog sony handycam Hi8 +dazzle. Need to upgrade to a new camera budget $800. I use my laptop HP i3 + extra external drives.for editing etc.Problem my laptop has No firewire.It’s Ok and have Studio Collection Ultimate 14Have done real amateur interviews and need advice. I’m in Dc an your trainng is out of my reach in Ca. Have lots of tapes/interviews etc. Now I want to dig deeper.

      Any advice on camera SLR or camcorder,? Do I really need a firewire outlet ? hard drive minimum recommended? Really need dvice here


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      Fabio, one thing to look at is the amount of manual control and the size of the chip. 1/4″ chip will have poorer light performance than a 1/2.6″ or 1/3″ chip. I know I’m sounding like a broken record but for the money, I really like the Canon HF S200. It has a 1/2.6″ cmos chip and loads of manual features and option.

      Gabor, for sports, CCDs are supposedly better than cmos chips due to the rolling shutter effect on fast pans. For farther distances, look at the zoom range. A 16x would be minimum in my mind. And don’t rely on those ‘digital zooms.’ Look for optical zoom range. You can usually find the 35 mm lense equivelant ratings for the lense length. ND filters are a must for outdoor shooting so unless your sports are all indoors a built in ND filter or several is a handy feature. If you’re good with 1440X1080 that HDV produces, the XHA1 may be a pretty good choice because it has the CCDs.

      johnos8, see my notes on the HF S200. It’s AVCHD which can be edited on your i3. Make sure you have at least 4gb of RAM. Most AVCHD cameras have an SDHC card option for recording and it’s amazingly convenient to take the card out, insert it into your camera and copy the video files directly to you hard drive in faster than realtime. No cables needed. AVCHD can be a processor/memory hog, so bear in mind that you may find yourself waiting for things to render, especially with the i3.

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