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      Need all your help with this one.
      I also read through all the previous post that spoke of something similar and tried it but I am still getting the same message.

      I use windows XP x64 SP2.
      Camcoder – Canon XH-A1 and also Canon ZR500 – results are same with both – capturing regular standard DV in both cases.
      Camcoder in VTR mode in play mode – No Play/rewind/fastforward option in Premiere.
      In premiere – Device Control – DV/HDV device control, video-NTSC,Device-Standard, STATUS- DETECTED.
      Tried with couple of different Firewire cable – same results
      Tried deleting 1394 entry in REGEDIT ..same story
      Device Manager – shows the camcoder connected.
      Device manager – IEEE 1394 BUS HOST CONTROLLER does not show up any error or exclamation mark
      All the Drivers show they are uptodate – Could not come across any firewire only driver that can be downloaded by Microsoft. When I try to update driver it says it is the latest (cannot go further from that)
      Unistalled Video codecs like DIVX , XVID etc
      NO MPEG-2 Decoders now on the machine
      installed the latest drivers for motherboard and graphics card.


      I am using premiere 2.0. – CAN’T ACTIVATE RECORDER
      when I try with WIndows Movie Maker (it crashes)
      When I try Nero capture same story (it crashes)

      ANY suggestion welcome… the only thing left for me to try is uninstall SP2 …
      DAMN windows packages everything into one big crap – SP2 ..that the messages are so vague that I am pulling my hair.

      you people are my last line of help – please – any thing i can try to fix this

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      Try doing a System Restore to the last time that you were able to do this succesfully. System Restore is always my fallback for when I screw something up. It won’t effect your files, and it fixes all your settings.

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      I got this problem with Premiere Elements and these 2 steps solved the problem:

      Go to Start menu select Run then type regsvr32 qdv.dll
      Search for this file: and change the ending to .old

      I did both these steps, perhaps only 1 step is needed but the problem is fixed.

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      Do one or more of the following solutions:


      Solution 1: Log onto the system as an Administrator. (Premiere Pro 1.x, Premiere Elements 1.0)

      If you are logged onto the computer system with limited Administrative rights, log onto the system as a user with Administrative privileges, start Premiere Pro 1.x or Premiere Elements 1.0, and initiate the Capture Window. Limited users may then log onto the system and capture without further errors.

      Solution 2: Disable any non Microsoft DirectShow Video Capture Sources filters on your computer. (Premiere Pro 2.0, Premiere Elements 2.0)

      Third-party DirectShow Video Capture Sources filters may interfere with the ability of Premiere Pro 2.0 or Premiere Elements 2.0 to capture from DV or HDV sources. Check to see if you have any non Microsoft DirectShow Video Capture Sources filters installed on your system and disable them. If your DV device status is listed as "Detected" in the DV/HDV Device Control options, it is likely that you have a third-party Video Capture Source filter installed on your system.

      To check for and disable third-party party Video Capture Sources filters:

      1. Download and install Microsoft GraphEdit to view the DirectShow filters on your system.

      2. Open GraphEdit and choose Graph > Insert Filters.

      3. Navigate to Video Capture Sources in the list of filters.

      4. Expand Video Capture Sources to view the filters installed on your system.

      5. Expand the individual Video Capture Sources listings to identify the file names of the filters installed on your system.

      6. Navigate to those files and change the file extension to .old.

      Note: Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements use the Microsoft file as the Video Capture Source filter to capture DV and HDV files. Do not disable the file "".

      Solution 3: Modify the menu setup of your HDV device to output the appropriate video format. (Premiere Pro 2.0, Premiere Elements 2.0)

      If you are attempting to capture HDV footage from your HDV device, the internal menu setting of the device must be set to output HDV. If you are attempting to capture DV footage from your HDV device, the internal menu settings of the device must be set to output DV. The automatic, or AUTO, format output selection setting for HDV devices may not be reliable. The format output setting should be set to either HDV or DV, not AUTO. For instructions on how to change the format output setting, see the device manufacturer’s documentation.

      Note: If you are using a Sony HDV device and the internal menu setting for i.LINK CONV is set to ON, The Sony HDV device will convert your HDV material to DV on output. You can’t capture HDV footage if the i.LINK CONV setting is set to ON.

      Solution 4: Remove third-party DirectSound audio filters from your computer system.

      Some third-party audio filters may interfere with the ability of Premiere to capture video. Two DirectSound audio filters that are known to interfere with video capture in Premiere are the TFM Audio Filter and the Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher. These filters may have been installed independently or as part of a codec pack and may be removed using the Add/Remove control panel in Windows XP.

      Solution 5: Refresh the IEEE 1394 device listings in the Windows Registry.

      Disclaimer: The registry contains system-related information that is critical to your computer and applications. Before modifying the registry, be sure to make a backup copy of it. Adobe doesn’t provide support for problems that arise from improperly modifying the registry. Adobe strongly recommends that you have experience editing system files before you modify the registry. For information on the Windows Registry Editor, see the Windows documentation or contact Microsoft Technical Support.

      To refresh the IEEE 1394 device listings in the Windows Registry:

      1. Open the Windows Registry Editor by selecting Start > Run and typing Regedit in the Open field. Click OK.

      2. Navigate to the following Registry address: My ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnum1394.

      3. Right-click the 1394 folder and select Permissions.

      4. On the Security tab, Select Everyone in the Group Or User Names panel. Select Allow Full Control in the Permissions For Everyone Panel. Click OK to close the window.

      5. Right-click the 1394 folder and select Delete. Click Yes to confirm key delete.

      6. Connect the DV device to the computer via the IEEE 1394 (FireWire) port and power on the DV device to force Windows to reload the device information into the registry.

      Background information

      When the Premiere Pro 1.x or the Premiere Elements 1.0 Capture Window is initiated for the first time by a user with Administrative rights to the system, entries are made to the Windows registry. Once these registry entries are made, DV capture in Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements is available to all users on the system.

      The added native support for the AJA Xena HS card in Premiere Pro 2.0 has also made Premiere susceptible to interference from additional third-party DirectShow Video Capture Sources filters.

      HDV devices are user selectable and may be set up to capture and play back either the HDV or DV formats. Sony HDV devices can convert HDV footage to DV on output on-the-fly by setting the i.LINK CONV menu setting to ON. With i.LINK CONV set to on, the HDV device only outputs DV. If you are attempting to capture HDV with the i.LINK CONV on, Premiere reports the capture device as offline.

      Some third-party DirectShow filters such as the TFM Audio Filter and the Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher are known to conflict with the Premiere Pro capture module. These and other DirectShow filters are often downloaded and installed with the Nimo Codec Pack.

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