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      I just ordered a scorpion handle from and when i submitted my credit card number it just said “thank you for your purchase” and it didnt give me any shipping information or anything. So if you have a handle from this website, please tell me when i can expect to get it. Thanks.

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      I have not donebusiness with this group before but you might want to…

      Check your email address you used when you ordered. It should have a copy of your order sent to it. Some of these web order sites have been known to take a few hours to post (depending on who they are using to process their orders) the email and they can get caught in your email’s junk/spam filter.

      You can also post a query through their contact section.

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      yo man, i make custom handles for video cameras. if interested email me

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      well my email is:

      contact me with more info on your handles.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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