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      Hey there,
      Right firstly im a kayaker by nature and slowly gettin into all this video malarky. Firstly i have a panasonic nv-gs75 camcorder and the qualith is class, secondly i have adobe premier pro v7.0 which im told is very good. Heres where my problems start as bought the software in Bankok and it works fine there is no manual so i have’nt a clue how to get atarted ive spent hours with it and not being technically minded am going mental!! Any help on how to get started step by step and all that would be greatly appreciated cheers, Me email is

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      To be perfectly honest with you, if youre just getting into this for the first time, you maybe should have picked up an easier program to start with. Starting with one of the harder programs might be a little overwhelming for you. Its kind of hard to first learn how to drive when youre behind the wheel of a Formula One race car. πŸ™‚ There is no way one could even attempt to teach you how to use an editing software package over this forum. Especially with Premiere Pro!

      If you bought a legal copy there should be online help files that came along with it. There are also books in many bookstores and training videos available on the Internet that you can buy that will explain PP too. Other than that youll basically have to do what the rest of us did, read and learn on your own. Experience is the best teacher with editing!


      BTW: Don’t expect to learn it in a week. It could take months or even years to learn how to truly master it!

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      Here is what I used to learn Premiere (also has stuff for encore, after effects and audition). It is made for The newer versions but should mainly be the same (except for a few features, ie., I don’t think version 7 had nesting timelines etc.). Even with the differences you should be able to get alot out of it!

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