Call For Submissions: The Pop Culture Project

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      The Pop Culture Project aims to create an ongoing collection of videos
      submitted by a diverse mass of individuals worldwide. The subject
      matter is simple. In 30 seconds or less, you have the opportunity to
      give justice to a particular song, film, book, or other form of media
      that has changed your life in any way. We are all connected through
      the media, and instead of focusing on the negative impact that cable
      television, internet, and radio commercials can sometimes deliver us,
      why not focus on the universal sentiment that the written, overheard,
      and moving word is truly capable of. This can be presented any way you
      want through the medium of digital video, regardless of anonymity,
      clarity, quality, or censorship. The editor kindly requests, however,
      that it be relatively audible and visible, and is not blatantly
      pornographic. If you’ve got questions, just drop a line. After you
      send it in, here’s what is going to happen: The highest quality films
      will be chosen for previewing online, and ALL works meeting the
      requirements will be edited together to create a feature length film.
      The success of this project is up to you, and can only take off if you
      help out and contribute! The final deadline for submissions is
      September 1st, 2007, and there is no application fee. (Except
      shipping, which is up to you.) Application forms are available by
      sending an email to for a PDF attachment, and more information is available at

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