Call for Entries – Virginia Tech Documentary

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      Several others and myself are collaborating around the US to create a documentary on this tragic event.

      I firmly believe that our film can have a positive and moving message to the world. We want to this film to speak to the kid on the edge, we want to talk him back in from off the ledge. In other words, we want to inspire troubled kids to find help, and the kids around them to not be judgmental, and keep trying to make it easy for them to ask for help.

      Monsters don’t just happen, they are made. We want to show that people dealing with bad situations can get back in the game, and that there are other solutions than the unfortunate one at Virginia Tech.

      We are focusing on the effects of this event, and more so on the causes, and how to prevent something like this from happening again.

      If you can, we are asking for you to help by filming a mini-documentary that will be added to one big film. It’s everyone working together to build up a moving film, with several different opinions and styles.

      Film some B-roll footage, get an interview with a student, teacher, principal, police officer, parent, someone who has lost a loved one and can relate — anyone with an opinion that will add to the film. Whether its on gun control, prevention, or general opinion, we can use it.

      We hope to get everyone’s completed footage in by the end of summer, in order to release the film this fall. Already, filmmakers from Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, and Illinois are collaborating on this. A composer in California, whose work was recently featured in the Harry Potter trailer, is working with us, along with a composer from CBS.

      You can learn more at

      Thank you for your time. I feel that this film can really make a difference in the world. With your help, we will be able to inspire others to think, if only for a minute that there is a better way.

      If you have general questions, are willing to help out in some way, or are ready to upload your segment, PM me or reply on this thread. Please help to make this collaboration a reality!

      Regards 😀

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