Canon HF200:Most user friendly PC software to edit movies and burn/write DVD?

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      I am a novice using my first video camera, a Canon Vixia HF200. I have a PC which runs on a Vista operating system. I havesuccessfully downloaded the bundled Pixela software and uploaded my video clips to the PC. I can use the editing software. However, I have been unable to burn/write a movie to the DVD after following the instructions to the letter. I was able to burn/write a video clip to a CD and DVD so it is not my PC burner. I also cannot figure out how to get a MPEG file to be read by Microsoft Movie works on my computer. I am recording family events and simply want to edit them and burn a DVD to share with others. I have read about conversion software.

      What is the most user friendly software that will allow me to upload my videos to my computer (PC), edit and make a movie, and burn a DVD, email or upload to website?

      Thank you in advance for any helpful responses.

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      i had the same problem, vista, hf200, etc. I downloaded the new windows live movie maker, which a lot of people say can edit AVCHD. Well, it didnt for me. I had to download the K-LITE-CODEC-Pack and install it. Now I can edit with Windows live movie maker.

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