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      I’ve used Pinnacle DV500 cards with Adobe Premiere 6.0, as well as the Pinnacle AV/DV solution for the past few years. I’ve always used a desktop, and I’ve always imported in DV .avi format.

      I have a friend who’s just purchased a Toshiba Satellite A70 laptop with three USB 2.0 and one 4-pin Firewire port. Which is he better off with, the Moviebox DV or the Moviebox USB product? At present, he has an analog 8mm camcorder, so he needs the breakout box, but I was concerned about two things: do you need a 6-pin Firewire jack to run the moviebox DV product, or will a 4-in do? Also, are the input formats the same on both? I was concerned because the fact that the box on the USB product appeared to limit capture to an mpeg format, which I understand is not the best to edit with–I have read some reviews that recommend against mpeg disc camcorders because editing software packages have a difficult time with it, and, finally, even if it worked well with Studio, it might not be compatible with Adobe editing products if he wanted to share digitized footage with me. Can the usb product also import in DV .avi format? (I know it says you can import in .avi, but DV .avi and .avi are not the same, to the best of my knowledge…)

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