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      Hi All,

      I have been shooting videos (corp. assembly videos) for a few years now but I just use a handheld camcorder (consumer grade). I amstartingto branch out now and I am starting to get project to film interviews and sales videos (for web use). I was wanting to purchase a new (used) camera and waswonderingwhat my best optionmightbe. From my research I am leaning towards a used Canon XL2. My number one questions is, is this camera outdated or is it still a good camera? I don;t plan on needing any HD videos and from what I read the SD videotheXL2 takes is still going to be better than my handheld.

      Eventually I would like to add a couple of external mics but other than that I don’t think I need a lot of extras. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

      (p.s. using a mac with FCP7, so whatever I buy will need to becompatible.)

      Best Regards.

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      A used rig is a viable option. Just make sure the manufacturer still supports it in case you need repairs or firmware updates. Standard Def particularly when shot at a 16:9 ratio is still just fine for DVD and web distribution. Now if you plan on doing any greenscreen work for your own sanity, use an HD camera to shoot the green footage and then just covert the composited clips down to SD 16:9. I’ve done greenscreen work with DV (hated it) and it’s just more hassle than it’s worth.

      Make sure all your graphics and motion graphics are set up for standard def as well. Problem you will run into is tape is going away. However, that’s not a problem as there are plenty of digital recorders that plug into firewire and use either an internal harddrive or flash media cards. So you’ll still be able to keep getting plenty of work out of your rig.

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      Hi Composite,

      Thank you for the information. With that said, is there something else you would suggest in the 1K – 1,500.00 price range

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      composite1 those recorder all seem pretty pricey to me.. any to be had under $350.00?
      I just capture to my laptop when possible, and use tapes when not possible, but the tapes are getting harder to find..

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      I think the gl2 would be fine but remember bigger is not always better.

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