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      I am looking into a Mac Pro, and am interested in possibly buying used. I am looking at possibly the 2008 Quad Core 2.8GHz. My question is, is the processor fast enough for running Production Premium CS5.5 with HD video, or would I need a faster processor.

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      Yes, it’s fast enough.

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      Would I have any problems working with AVCHD footgae, I edit with AVCHD a lot. I would like to get Mac, but new Mac Pros are expensive. I also don’t want to purchase a computer again soon.

      Proscessor is the main spec I am looking at, as Hard drives, Memory etc. can be upgraded later.

      What are my options for upgrading to a graphics card supported by Adobe. This can really help viewing, as well as rendering times.

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      You will not have any problems using AVCHD footage, I use it all the time on my Mac. You will want to make sure you can upgrade the memory, the more the better.

      For the graphics card, Nvidia 4000 for mac all the way. You will be able to use Adobe’s Mercury Play back feature which will help immensely when rendering and viewing your projects in PP.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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