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      Hi, i am thinking of buying the the fx7 or the hvr hd1000u. I am more on the fx7 side but don’t know. Could someone gimme a couple suggestions on which one to buy?

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      didn’t you already start a thread about this same issue? Is there anything specific you want to know? If not, compare the cameras on

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      It seems likeyou’d paying for an awful lot of plastic if you go with the hd1000u…The soulder mount design is nice, but I don’t think it’s worth it. Also, from what I can tell, it only has1 CMOS with nomanual zoom which basically makes it more like a consumer camera wrapped in a big plastc case….

      If you can get the hd1000u for under $1000, I say go for it. It will at least serve as a semi-decent back-up camera when you get a real camera…(it’s a very simple camera)

      The FX 7 will give youmore professional control with a better picture and probably handle better in low light situations then the hd1000u.

      Some websites say the hd1000u has a minimumillumination of 0 lux…this is not correct. It is more like 4 lux. The B&H photo specs verified that it was 4 lux, but it also said it had a sensitivity of 11 lux….that doesn’t sound good. (i find it interesting that B&H photo lists this sensitivity spec for the hd 1000u, but not other models like the fx7,z1u,gl2,xl-etc..?) My guess is that this is their way of saying “hey, this camera only has 1 cmos and is going to act like it…..”

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      ok thanks coreece that was really helpful i think im going to go for the fx7 thanks

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