Buying a new HD camcorder: advice needed

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Hi. I am buying my first professional HD camera. So far I have been testing the waters with a Canon Vixia HF200, but now I need something with full manual controls. I am using Final Cut Pro 7 for editing.

So far my choices are:
Sony HDR-FX1000
Canon XH-A1s
Panasonic HMC-150

Of these, the former two are tape based while the latter two are card based. I have been advised to use tape as it is better for learning and backups. I have been using AVCHD transcoded to ProRes 422 and it works very well with FCP. I review all my shots through log and transfer and don't just blindly copy them over, so I am okay there. I also have a good backup system.

So, which one should I get? My personal bias is towards the Panasonic, and there is a nice kit deal on B&H right now. Any advice/comment is much appreciated.

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For a bevy of reasons already posted on numerous "which camera should I buy" posts here I and others have named several favorites along the model lines you mention.

Also, opinions and comments as well as links to information on the web regarding these models and the pros and cons of tape vs SDHC or other solid state recording.

My personal decision for purchase in 2010 remains between the JVC GY-HM100 and Panasonic HMC-150. I've still not identified a contender among the other brands, but anxiously await Canon coming out with a model in a comparable price range, and using CCD rather than CMOS, if that happens. I prefer Canon lens and stabilization quality over other models/brands I've used through the years.

I am presently doing my best to completely wear out my two Canon XL1 and one Canon GL2 units, but am moving toward the AVCHD environment for my first line of offense with HD.