Buying a camcorder… HELP PLEASE!!!

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      Hi All,

      I want to buy a camcorder for making short films… I want as good quality as possible and by that I mean I would like to get as close to film as possible (without shooting on film :p). That would mean at least HD1080, 24 frames… ability to shoot slow motion (60-120 or higher), shallow depth of field is also a must.

      I’m looking to spend around $5-7K any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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    Have you checked out the video series in this topic yet?

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    from what I can see this is more on DSLR cameras, I’m looking for a camcorder type device

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    I pointed this out because of two of your requirements that are pretty hard to find in a camcorder.

    …I would like to get as close to film as possible (without shooting on film :p).

    … shallow depth of field is also a must.

    This comparison was done on how well thee DSLRs did video and compared them to film. There a re many on this board that feel that the sensor/package format of these DSLRs are the nextgeneration of cinema camera.

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    At a $7k budget you’re gonna be hard pressed for phenomenal depth of field – You could go with a $3-4K camera and a lens adapter – something like this: for about $2k leaving you about $1-2k for a lens(es) (depends on what’s left over).

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    At that price range I would pick up a HVX200 off Ebay, then invest the rest in a Letus 35mm lens adapter kit. Also you could look at getting a Red Scarlet, but I am not even sure if those are shipping yet and if they are god only knows how long the wait list is on them. A third option would be getting a DSLR, I hear good things about the Canon 5D, but if you go that route be prepared to rent a hard disc recorder because you probably arnt going to want to run your location sound mix to this camera.

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