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      I placed a subscription to VM with mags 4 cheap ($22.99) I never recied it, and they over charged. Do not place orders for anything with mags for cheap…

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      Sorry, huh?

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      You know, considering that you can get a free issue of VM magazine and a full year subscription from this very website for twelve bucks ($12), I don’t see why anyone would order the magazine anyplace else.

      There are a lot of unethical folks out there looking to make a buck at your expense. Go straight to the source and save money πŸ˜‰

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      I believe VM makes it well known that there are a lot of imposters out there pretending to be authorized publishing clearing houses for selling their magazine. I think I even saw a list somewhere.

      About a month ago I got this renewal notice in the mail which looked real but for some reason, I thought I just did that about 6 months ago so when I looked it up, sure enough. I renewed for 3 year’s worth so why was I getting a notice all of a sudden? It ended up being one of these ripoff houses that were on this list.

      One just has to be a little more prudent these days.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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