Buy a camera (GL2) with no lense?

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I want to get a GL2, and have seen what looked like great prices
at several websites. I even tried to order one, but they were
sold out. So I tried the next place, and luckily for me I called.
During the order, the guy asked if I wanted a 10X or 20X lense.
That hit me pretty hard, since it says nowhere at the website that
the camera doesn't come with a lense, and the picture at the
website shows the camera with a lense on it. That seems like a
dirty trick to me, but I found at least 4 places that are doing it
and none of their sales people seem to think there's anything wrong
with it, so I guess it's a common and accepted thing. So what is the
advantage? Where can we get a good price on a 20X lense for a GL2?

Thanks for any help!