Buy a camera (GL2) with no lense?

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      I want to get a GL2, and have seen what looked like great prices
      at several websites. I even tried to order one, but they were
      sold out. So I tried the next place, and luckily for me I called.
      During the order, the guy asked if I wanted a 10X or 20X lense.
      That hit me pretty hard, since it says nowhere at the website that
      the camera doesn’t come with a lense, and the picture at the
      website shows the camera with a lense on it. That seems like a
      dirty trick to me, but I found at least 4 places that are doing it
      and none of their sales people seem to think there’s anything wrong
      with it, so I guess it’s a common and accepted thing. So what is the
      advantage? Where can we get a good price on a 20X lense for a GL2?

      Thanks for any help!

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      Its a scam. The camera comes with a fixed 20X(optical) lens. This means that there is no way you can take the lens off of this camera without doing it manually with a hacksaw which would damage the camera. Do not buy from these sites because they are trying to get money out of you for nothing additional. Make sure you buy from trusted sites like Pay the little extra for piece of mind and product security.

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      yea man, just order from B&H

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      Ditto the above posters: when you know what you should be getting and a deal seems to good to be true, it’s better to keep looking

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