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      Hello you all,
      I am kind of new on working with DVD authoring and learning on my own. Here is a problem that has kept me up for quite long "playing around" and withou success: I have a 29 seconds mpg file imported into Encore 1.0 that I want to place as a button. When I preview the video file it plays just fine but when I do the Menu/Properties thing to set up the animation and then the File/Motion Render Menus/Preview the file only run for 15 seconds. The whole idea is to see this file running in loop before someone hits the play button to watch the whole program – around 28 minutes. I even reinstalled the software thinking that this was the problem but it wasn’t. I have set up the project so many times in case I was missing a step but everytime it is the same thing. I also added sound to the same file, then file/render…/preview and then I got the 29 seconds to play but still the video goes for only 15 seconds, then it goes to black and the music plays back to the end. I even rendered the video file three times in case it got currupted…but I don’t think this is the problem since the file plays fine in the project window Encore.
      For sure I am doing something wrong. Can someone give a hint on what is it? Thank you for your help and for taking the time to read all this nonsense.

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      I hope I understand this correctly. You have a video clip being used as a video button but its not the same video file seen if the button is pressed? I’ve been using Encore 1.5 for several years now and don’t know how to set that up in Encore without more thought. Maybe I’m understanding you wrong.

      Typically, when using video thumbnails, the video played in the button comes from the actual timeline the button links to. By default, the animate button duration is 15 seconds. Even if the menu duration is set longer, it still only animates the first 15 seconds. Using poster frames can change the section of the video being seen in the thumbnail instead of the first 15 seconds from the chapter mark. To extend the duration of the animated button there are a couple of things you can try.

      1. Add sound to your MENU. If you want a 30 second menu, add a 30 second sound clip. If you don’t want sound, create a blank 30 second audio file or

      2. Add a video file to the menu background. If you want a still image background, create a 30 second video file of the still image.

      3. Create the background, complete with your video buttons, in Premiere, (or other editing app). Export the result as a video file and make that your background. Then add your button hilites on top of that.

      Some argue that the 15 second default is a glitch while others claim Adobe did that on purpose. Either way I think its been fixed in version 2.0. Each of the methods I gave work in version 1.5. I hope they work for you.

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      Thanks kkmac for taking time to reply to my question.
      I had basically done your sugestions – except #3 – and even created the menu in Photoshop but still the problem is the same: the thumbnail plays for only 15 seconds when the animation is setup for 29 seconds. I added music to the menu but after "Render Motion Menus" the music and audio start at the same time but then the video frezzes right a 15 seconds while the music continues until the end. I also got a title in the whole setup that links withou any problem to the main video…it is just this thumbnail that gives me problem.
      I guess I would have to upgrade to Encore 2 to get this done.
      Thanks anyways. I truly appreciate dit.

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