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      Ok. I need some advice. I’m a part-time video guy, who works out of my home. Hopefully in the near future i would like to go full time video! But I know even as a part-timer you can’t control accidents and that, no insurance is 10 x worse than trying to work professional with a 1CCD!

      So I would like some recommendations on how some of you handle your insurance for your business! Also if you know an agent or have a Insurance company in mind, drop me a line! Thanks alot! Keep the tape rolling!

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      im a part time guy also, atleast for the time being. this may not apply to you but the way i do it at the moment is claim it under my home owners insurance. there are some different specifications but you would have to speak with an agent about it. call around for rates.

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      Im an Insurance agent out of NC and I would love to help you guys out if I can. Be carefull relying on your homeownes to cover you as most homeowner policies EXCLUDE coverage for business operations. It is possible to get a relatively inexpensive businessowners policy that covers both your liability and equipment. Though, if you were really trying to save you could get a policy just to cover your camera but, the price would depend on the value and the deductible. I would be happy to help you further but, your best bet is to call a local agent and tell them what you are looking for and get SEVERAL quotes.

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