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      I have been teaching myself green screen techniques and editing. I feel confident that i can produce reasonable quality green screen videos. I am still in the learning stage and have a long way to go to perfect this craft. I really enjoy doing this type of video. I have a desire to start a small business doing green screen videos, especially of children. I have received positive responses from friends of mine who want me to do videos of their children with some special effects. I know photographers are already using green screen to expand their product line. I think some people would be interested in videos of their children. I plan to build some props that could be utilized in some of my productions to make it interesting. What do you think? Does this idea have any real merit? Thank you for all the information on this site. It has been extremely helpful to me. It amazes me how many talented people are out there.

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      any business model you make will need to be followed up with a business plan. We offered a similar product in our market area a few years back….

      The still images sell ok, but few takers for the video end, people were not willing to put the extra time and money into shooting and editing and kids are not the easiest subjects to direct.

      Your market may be different. Good luck.

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      If you can find the right market for this it might work. It’s probably going to appeal to young, affluent parents who are “pushy” with their kids — folks who are involved in one-upping their neighbors. The time and work involved will make this a pricy undertaking, not something a lot of people will be wiling to pay for. But those who will will love it.

      One piece of advice: be SURE you get an air-tight release for this work. Children are especially vulnerable in this era of Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. Have a disclaimer that absolves you of any responsibility if your work goes on to one of the social media sites and someone takes exception to it for any reason or a crime results from its display. Paying a lawyer to draw up this document will be worth every penny it takes.


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