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business card; list website?

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    Hey Guys,

    I just made a pretty sweet business card. I’d like your opinion about whether or not I should list my website on my business card. If I had a real website of course I would list it, but for now I’m only using a myspace with embedded video. Is this childish or should I list it with the idea of “anything is better than nothing”? is the website if you want to look at it. I tried to keep it as clean looking as I could.

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    this is what the card looks like too:

    business card

    hmm…i dunno if this is gonna work.

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    I don’t always put my site link in email cover letters since it’s not quite top of the line.

    I didn’t look at your myspace link above, but I’d think about if your myspace portrays you more asStephen Spielberg, or Joe down the street. I’d put my site up only if it was more Spielberg level, but that’s just me.

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