Burning Sony SR11 files to DVD using iMovie

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      I have a Sony SR11 which I love, and I especially like the quality of the hi-res image(1080 x 1960) it produces when viewed on my 42″ Sharp Aqueous, but no matter what i’ve tried when edited and burned to DVD to play on my DVD player the quality is dreadful. I’m using iMovie on a Mac. Can someone take me through the process that gets me the results I’m looking for.

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      by dreadful do you mean “DVD” quality?

      if so..

      try an Apple tv, or get a blueray burner and player.

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      Thanks Don. That’s exactly what I mean. So you’re suggesting that my video is downgraded when it’s burned and quite possibly further degraded when played back on a regular DVD player. I thought about Apple TV, but I want tp be able to store my video and therefore the Bluray route is the better option – assuming that that is the problem in the first place. More expense!! Cheers

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      again, those all-in-one aps rarely offer any quality…

      you’ll get the best quality by using aps that specialize in it’s particular task..be it resizing, converting to mpeg, burning, etc…

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