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      How come when I burn a DVD with Sony Vegas Studio 8 , Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 , or any program, it
      never looks as good as a store bought DVD? I am shooting with Canon
      HV30 and burning project at high settings. I have a 1080p television and a Panasonic BD50 Blu-ray/DVD player. The footage looks great when
      shown straight from video camera with HDMI hook up and looks good on
      computer but not on TV after burning to DVD. Can home burnt DVD’s ever look as good as store bought?

      Any suggestions or info?

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      are you trying to look at an SD DVD on an HDTV? That will never look too great.

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      There is a lot that goes into making video (or film) look good that happens in post-production.

      If you want a shortcut, Magic Bullet Movie Looks has scads of presets that can be applied to your video that will make it look LOTS better that straight from the camera. You could also look at your NLE’s supplied filters (color correction, color curves, etc…) and see how they work for you.

      Also, setting the bitrate as high as you can for your specific project will help – Use a bitrate calculator – Google it or use this online one: http://www.videohelp.com/calc.htm

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      As ‘Cat and Rob have said your setup will not equal that of a ‘store bought DVD’. Why the DVD’s in the store look so much better are; Better Cameras, Better Visual Effects, Better and More Powerful Editing Arrays and Finishing Techniques that turn all the above into the DVD you bought. All that costs hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars to do.

      Now that said, there’s no reason why your video can’t look better than 99% of the crap that gets churned out on the ‘Tube everyday. VM has many free and on-demand videos to help you raise your ‘production values’ on your projects. With a bit more effort on both the production and post-production side, your projects can look like you spent way more money on them than you actually did.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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