Burning Panasonic TM700 AVCHD to DVD

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      I recently purchased a Panasonic TM700 after reading all the positive reviews.

      My question is after recording high definition video that looks great on your computer and also looks great playing directly from you camcorder to your television. Have you beenable to burn a DVD that has that same clean crisp image?

      I know that blu-ray would maintainhigher quality. But have you had success burning DVDs that play on standard players withoutgetting soft rather than crisp images?
      I edited some clips in Premiere Pro CS4 on my little MAC and exported it out to a quicktime .mov file.
      I tried burning one yesterday … the footage looks good until it is burned to DVDwhen a obvious loss of sharpness is evident. It doesn’t look terrible, but it is not near as good as the original footage.

      Have you had to deal with this yet? And if so, do you have an answer for it yet?

      Any suggestions appreciated.

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      Try to burn HDa short movie on the DVD and output to maximum quality you can just burn a 15 minutes length movie it take a lot of room on DVD compare to SDquality but image appaear crystal clear on my 50 inchesTV. Process time can be very long or the software reduce the overall quality to process more rapidly. Myoldcomputer require9 minutes to process 1 minute video. New technology push us to change our computer.



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      edwardt53, just to clarify- are you trying to burn a DVD to play on o standard DVD player or to play on a Blu-ray or PS3 player? If you are trying to burn to play on a standard DVD player, the result will not ‘look’ as good as AVCHD orhigh definition output to your computer or directly from camera tohigh defintion TV. There are ways toproduce thestandard DVD with the best possible results and if youuse the search function on this site, you can find informaiton about this. On the other hand if you want to burn a DVD that can playAVCHD files to your High Definition TV, you will need a Blu-ray player or a PS3to connect to your TV.The resulting picture will begreat, it will be what you want High Defintion to ‘look’ like. Again search these forums for information about using your software to burn the DVD with AVCHD files.

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      I am trying to get the best quality image burning a standard def DVD which can be played on any DVD player.

      Thanks for your advice.

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