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      hello right now i am using pinnicle studio 11 plus. i am importing my video by plugging the s-video out from my panny into a AV and S-video to USB converter. and no matter what i do the buring always fails when i try to make DVDs, even though i am converting it to MPEG-2. what can i do?

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      Hello, skates. I also upgraded to studio 11 and I started having the same problems. One thing I think is happening, is that pinnacle shows capacity on the disk in minutes, but sometimes, when you add a lot of effects and transitions to a project, even when the lenght is 30 minutes or less could be that the disk you are trying to burn can’t hold it.

      I tried to burn a project with a moving menu (wich takes a lot of bites) and it didn’t work. I spent like 2 hours before try it with nero. This time I used a stationary menu and it worked. Then I made another in studio with a similar menu and it worked too.

      Hope this info help you.

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      I use studio to create and burn my DVDs using both Statioary and moving menus without any problems some are 120 mins long.

      You may need to change your bit rate for creating the DVD if its long project. This is done in “make movie “, click “settings” . In video quality and disc usage you can choose Automatic, best quality, most video on disc or custom. Automatic is usually the best setting to try first

      If you are having trouble burning a DVD through Pinnacle ( i do not have this problem) try selecting “make movie “, click “settings”

      Then in burn options select “create disk content but don’t burn” Make sure you know where your “Auxillary Files” are located as you will need to find them.

      Use Nero to burn your dvd files which will be located in your “Auxillary Files” used by Pinnacle.

      Hope this helps

Viewing 2 reply threads
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