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      I have been burning DVDs from iDVD and from Toast Titanium 7 for quite a while. But it seems that a lot of the burned DVDs have problems playing on certain DVD players. It seems that it is happening more and more lately. I have 3 different brand of DVD players and the JVC DVD player always skips. I can live with it myself, but when I just burned a disc for a co-worker and the disc plays fine on my computer and on my Philips DVD player, but it didn’t play on his home DVD player. He couldn’t remember what brand his player was, but when it got toward the end of the video, he said that it turned black with little pixels and so you couldn’t see the end of the file. I can even live with that. But my bigger problem is that I just burned a wedding DVD for a client and i gave her 2 copies so far and both of them now skip for her at the same place and her discs have similar problems with the pixels and not playing. Is there a certain brand that people recommend or any other suggestion that I can try when burning the discs?


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      1. quality media. Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are really good and reliable.

      2. burn speed. just because you can burn at 16x doesn’t necessarily mean you should. burning at a lower speed can prevent data errors.

      3.proper bit rates. most older DVD players will balk at DVDs burned at bit rates of 8 mbpsor higher.

      4.a general consensus is that -R DVDs are more user friendly than +R. Your experience may differ. (see number 1)


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