Burning DVD from Adobe Premiere

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      Here is my problem:

      I finished editing my video using Adobe Premiere Pro. Now I want to record a DVD, using the FILE – EXPORT – EXPORT TO DVD option.

      When I hit RECORD, it starts transcoding process, but it gets stuck after about 15 minutes. I have to load the Task Manager and abort the process, although it says its running. I see no activities on the HD.

      I tryied to defragment my HD but the problem still remains.

      I understand that TRANSCODING is a step before actually burning the DVD, so the problem cant be my DVD burner, which hapens to be my SONY DCR-201 mini-DVD camcorder that I am trying to use as DVD-R drive through USB port.

      My computer is a HP Pentium IV 2.8Ghz notebook, 512 RAM, 60Gb HD, running Windows XP Pro

      Below is the summary of all configuration right before I hit RECORD on Premiere.

      Any insight will be greatly apreciated.
      Disc Name: 20052004_120212
      Timeline Markers: Yes
      Loop Playback: No

      NTSC DV High quality 4Mb VBR 2 Pass
      Comment: High quality, low bandwidth VBR transcoding of DV content (max bit rate = 7)

      Codec: MainConcept MPEG Video
      Quality: 5.00(high quality)
      TV Standard: NTSC
      Aspect Ratio: 4:3
      Frame Rate: 29.97 fps drop frame
      Program Sequence: Interlaced
      Field Order: Lower
      Bitrate Encoding: VBR
      Encoding Passes: Two
      Target Bitrate (Mbps): 4.0000(low quality)
      Maximum Bitrate (Mbps): 7.0000(high quality)
      Minimum Bitrate (Mbps): 1.5000(low quality)
      M Frames: 3
      N Frames: 15

      Codec: PCM Audio
      Sample Rate: 48 kHz

      Export Range: Entire Sequence
      Fields: Lower
      Maximize Bitrate: No
      Force Variable Bitrate: No

      DVD Burner
      Burner: E:SONY DDX-A1010
      Speed: Auto
      Burner Status: Ready
      Number of Copies: 1
      Record Options: Record

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      One thing you could try is rendering out to an AVI, then bring the AVI file to a new timeline and then try and render to DVD from there.

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      Well, actually, the first thing Ive done before editing on Premiere was to convert VOB files on the DVD to MPEG. Then I loaded the MPEG to the timeline and edited.

      Now I am ready to export the resulting video, and Id like to export it directly to the DVD, using the options I mentioned in my last posting.

      So, I guess Ive already done what you suggested, only using MPEG instead of AVI.

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      wow, sounds intresting that you use a DVD camcorder as a burner…
      um, i use premiere 6 and 6.5 and whenever i want to make a DVD with my footage i’ll make the clip i want and then export in full .avi quailty and then open up the file in sony’s dvd architect 2.0 and just remove the default menu1 thing and it’ll just burn like that and when you hit play the dvd with just start going from there…..now granted all im doing is exporting a 3-5 min clip so if you got a bigger movie file then all of what i just explain won’t mean crap, so then i would suggest obtaining Sorenson Sqeeze to compress it to a smaller MPEG or .avi file…OR…export out of premiere with a smaller size rather than 720×480 and see what happens….but as far as burning directly from premiere pro onto your dvd cam, i dont know, i mean if you were burning with a dvd burner drive instead of a dvd cam then id be really confused myself as far as your problem goes….so if it’s possible to burn with the cam then i learned something new, and/or you might just be able to say “export to tape” and it’ll just record on the cam on the dvd instead of saying export to dvd and hope the camera works as the burner…whatever you do, good luck

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      I’ve had this exact same problem. I do have an internal dvd burner though. But it still gets stuck after 10 minutes or so of transcoding. I usually end up using the adobe media encoder and exporting it as an M2V file, and then using that with Encore. But sometimes I’d rather just burn it straight from Premiere, and it just locks up. Can you import an M2V file back into Premiere? Would that work if it’s already transcoded? I guess I might just have to try myself.

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      Try this (note: you must have SP2 installed):

      I hope this fixes your problem.

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