burning a single stripe dvd?

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      When I burn a dvd that does not take up the full 4.7 gigs you can see a stripe line where the iformation filled up to on the back of the dvd.

      I recently received a dvd (not professional) that was burned with no stripe. It appears that they spread all the information over the entire disc.

      when I get the stripe my dvd player will not read it.

      any help would be appreciated since I am about to burn 30 dvds of my movie.

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    What do you mean when you say stripe?

    Are you talking about a discolored area around the outer diameter of the disk?

    If so, all you’re seeing is the difference between the area that is burned and not burned. A DVD is burned from inside to out. In other words if you have a 20 minute movie, there will be a discolored area around the middle of the disk because you only burned around half of it. That discoloring is what happens to the die after a laser burns an image into it.

    If you are burning a 1 hour movie, there will be a thinner area around the outer diameter area. A full disk will probably not show any stripe if that’s what you’re talking about.


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    that is exactly what I am talking about. I received a dvd that did not have that.

    Can I record a dvd that will use up the entire back even though I do not have the full capacity?

    The reason is is that I can not make any of my burned dvd’s work on my home player. but i recieved one from my son’s school that works.

    I have a BenQ burner and a Apple Phillips burner, I have burned with nero express 3 , roxio on the pc and roxio 7 on the mac with both burners on all software and none of them seem to work.

    I thought it was the line that seperates the recorded and the non recorded.

    any thoughts

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    OK… this is always talked about in this forum section. The link below will take you to a thread that talks about the problems and issues of home burned DVD’s and their playability issues as well as possible solutions.


    The reason that the one disk (that doesn’t have any "stripes") played is probably because it was a pressed DVD versus home burned via a laser. Pressed disks will not have these stripes you’re talking about and they will play 99.999999% of the time on anything. Home burnt disks however are another story. Read the thread above and maybe browse around in other threads on this forum. You will find out about a lot of interesting problems and solutions.


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    thanks for the thread.

    I am going to try the 2x thing. I have not done that yet.

    thanks a lot for taking the time.

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    You’re very much welcome! πŸ™‚

    Burning slower and and using certain DVD brands can make a difference. The other thing is that make sure you try your disks on different players. In looking back AND from reading all of the stuff there is to read on the Inet, it seems that these 3 issues are the most common problems that can make or break playing home made DVD’s.

    Let us all know how it goes!


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    I burn at 4X without problems. If the DVD only plays with the software that you created it with, it might not be finalized.

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