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      Hi i was wondering if someone might be able to help me, here is my problem (very frustrating):

      I have been trying to produce a picture and video DVD on Encore v2.0 for my girlfriend for a Christmas present.

      This is what it consists of:

      Multiple slideshows some of around 80 pictures (with subtitles)

      About 25 timelines – video not of great length or quality, maybe 40mb and 3minutes max with sound (taken with digital camera)

      A number of thumbnail pages where the user can select the picture and it comes up big on screen (thumbnails linked to a slideshow on manual advance)

      Various menus linking all the above.

      Total disc size about 1.9Gb

      The DVD "previews" perfectly and there are no Check Build errors. It also seems to Build the DVD OK as there are also no errors.

      When I come to view the DVD once built, all the pictures in the slideshows just appear as a blank screen. Also the manual advance slideshow (linked from thumbnails) are also blank, but the thumbnails themselves still show the pictures (so the assets have not been lost). The slide shows seem to be running as the timings seem to work and I can skip to other chapters, but they are all blank!

      The videos play fine and the menu links work OK.

      I have tried deleting some of the files and re building the DVD but this has not worked, I have also tried manually transcoding the files first. The DVD has also been tried on 3 DVD players 2 computer, 1 TV, but still no luck. I have also tried playing around with setting / speeds with no success.

      Has anyone got any ideas on solutions.

      It has been so annoying spending loads of time producing this DVD, with the preview saying its OK, and finally when it is complete it does not burn very well I am running out of time before Christmas!!

      I hope I have explained my problem OK

      Thanks for any help.

      Chris Amey

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