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      Okay, here’s my dilemma…

      After I finish creating the project I choose to build it and burn it. The first time I do this, it takes between 20-45 minutes (depending of setting) to build the project. Then it burns it in about 5-10 minutes.

      But when I want to burn a second copy, it goes through the entire building and rendering process again, even though all I did was choose BURN.


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      Depending on the program, there should be an option to save to a .iso file, dvd folder, dvd image, or something along those lines. Ive also seen options like save copy to hard drive, safe mode burning, etc… It will then put your finished project as an exzact copy on your hard drive. Then when you want to burn it, you should be able to select, burn previously saved movie or something close to that and burn with out waiting for it to make your movie again.

      Or you can use a cd/ dvd recording program like Nero. If you saved it as an .iso file or .img file you select burn image file, and select the previously made file. If you save it as a dvd folder (like it has a video_ts folder) you just select to burn dvd video, and drag all the files in the video-ts folder to the video-ts folder in your recording program.

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      In DVD Studio Pro…it’s a little weird how they set it up. You press the burn button if you want it to build and burn… dont ask me why, it’s kinda strange. If you have chosen the file that you would like the project to save in… you can use the FORMAT option to just burn the disk. This will take what you have already built and place it on the disk without having to rebuild.


      hope this helps!

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      I save as a disc image, which renders once, then copy the disc image, which only takes a few minutes per disc for each additional copy.

      check your software settings….

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      Ultimately, it is both cheaper and faster to simply purchase a 1×1, 1×3 or higher DVD/CD duplicator, many of them with hard disks to store your DVD contents. Then, instead of tying up your computer to utilize its disc burning capabilities, you pop the original master into your duplicator, insert a blank or two or three, or…

      …hit record and voila! Done in a matter of minutes. Duplicators start at a few hundred bucks and can be had in the 1×7 range for less than $700 – great investment for anyone who needs to make duplicates of their productions or lots of copies for their work once, sell many productions.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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