Burn my birthday video into DVD? HELP PLEASE!

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      my wonderful birthday party. With nice Video recorded, I plan to burn it into
      DVD and keep as an unforgettable memory. My camera has the USB access, so the sole problem is what kind of video converting or DVD burning program should
      I choose. The format is MKV. Ive already heard of some. xilisoft, winx
      converter, MKV converter, or more? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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      I just did a google search on “.mkv to dvd” and got 29 million hits with the first page offering several freeware download coverters and several youtube how-tos.

      have you looked at any of these yet?

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      29 million hits? You’re gonna’ need a bigger boat….

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      Yeah, I occasionally do a Google search for videographers in California and windup with hundreds of thousands of hits, so Google claims, but when I scan and peruse I find they begin to grossly repeat in one way or another to same links and or fall off with totally non-related “finds” (OK, RESULTS) after a few pages. So, while the numbers are meant to impress, the actual usable results are minimum at best. I do have to say, though, that I usually and often find the answers I need in those first few pages…

Viewing 3 reply threads
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